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Compact autoclaves for preserves and ready meals

TERRA Food-Tech ® autoclaves can cook, sterilise and pasteurise any food product in all kinds of packaging.

They are designed for the cooking, sterilization and pasteurization of packaged foods using a heart temperature probe placed on a product sample. This allows a perfect control of the entire process while preserving the organoleptic properties and minimizing possible changes in the nutritional characteristics of the final product.

Official UK Partners for TERRA Food-Tech

Wagtech Projects / Trace2o are the official UK partners for TERRA Food-Tech. From initial enquiry to our extensive aftersales service, our consultancy based approach will guide you through the process of selecting the right Autoclave for you and your business. 

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Main applications of TERRA Food-Tech autoclaves

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We are the Official Partners for TERRA Food-Tech in the UK only.

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