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Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

D8 Crystallography solutions – The Standard for Quality and Versatility in Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD)

Detailed insight into the relationship between structure, function,

and reactivity is crucial for the success of modern science. 

Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD, SXRD, SCD) is one of the most powerful

methods for generating this vital information and has thus become an essential tool

for new discovery. More information on Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction in chemical crystallography and structural biology is available from our PDF.



The D8 QUEST is a compact solution designed for single wavelength experiments that feature the revolutionary PHOTON II CPAD detector, bringing 4th generation free-electron laser (FEL) detector technology to

your home lab. The systems offer high experimental flexibility, with good accessibility and sample visibility, in a small-foot-print enclosure.

It is engineered with high modularity from best-in-class components and is available in all-air-cooled configurations. As a result the D8 QUEST offers a solution that will exactly match the demands of your research needs. Best Structure guaranteed.



The D8 VENTURE hosts the experimental setup in a more spacious enclosure that also provides room for rotating anode, liquid metal jet and dual wavelengths solution. All systems feature the revolutionary PHOTON II CPAD detector.

The D8 VENTURE offers highest experimental flexibility, with excellent sample accessibility and visibility. It is engineered with high modularity from best-in-class components and is available in popular all-air-cooled configurations. The absolutely open design protects your investment with maximum flexibility for future extensions.

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