Wagtech Making a Difference to Childrens Lives with Safe water

Wagtech Projects and sister company Trace2o have teamed up with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) to provide water testing services in remote locations of Ethiopia.

CIFF have, in conjunction with World Vision, arranged for 44 new boreholes to be drilled in the Boloso Sore region of Southern Ethiopia. These boreholes then had to have the water quality tested, and so Trace2o were invited to assist with this testing service.

Wagtech Projects employees Harry and Ruth along with Tsegaye from Moretech Ethiopia joined forces to conduct testing in remote villages of Ethiopia, and managed to collect and test samples from 17 of the 44 active boreholes, where data was collected and downloaded into our ASMS software for remote analysis. At each location, the local community were on hand to feed and water our staff during testing, as they understand and appreciate the need for ensuring their newly drilled wells are safe for drinking.

We are hopeful that this testing will open a new line in product service provision for Trace2o where we do not simply sell a water testing product, but provide the manpower and reporting services to an organisation that hasn’t the resource to do it themselves. If successful, this project will evolve into two further provisions, one in Kolkata and one in Addis Ababa, where several hundred sites require testing over a period of 2 years.

This is really an exciting opportunity which offers our clients with an end to end solution for water quality monitoring. We value this partnership with CIFF as they look to improve the lives of children by not only providing water but ensuring it is clean and safe.

Our ongoing commitment to enhancing Children’s lives through water quality testing and sanitation is also evident through our Long term agreement with UNICEF.