Flexible and tailored training solutions

At Wagtech Projects, the provision of training has been an integral part of our strategy for a long time. The ability to support our products in remote locations is essential to us, as well as to the end-user, and it’s what sets Wagtech Projects aside from other companies.

Increasingly, as we continue to supply environmental testing equipment all over the world, the importance of both training and technical support are being recognised and acknowledged as being instrumental in the long term success and sustainability of any project.

Through a well established network of regional offices, agents and distributors, we can offer a range of services. Training is one of these.

Training is always tailored around customer’s specific requirements, everyone is different, and at Wagtech Projects we are flexible enough to be able to accommodate most people’s wishes. For small informal training sessions our local representatives are often better placed and knowledgeable enough to provide this service and more often than not they will offer this service for no charge. However, when we do have to charge a fee, it is only ever on a cost basis and purely to cover our expenses. We do not look to make a profit from a service we consider as vital to the successful use of our products.

Alternatively for bigger projects, such as bespoke envrionmental surveys or mobile laboratories, where complex training of large groups is required and on a number of different products, then our own UK based consultants will travel to country to carry it out. Our staff travel all over the world, to locations where you might not expect to find us! Over the past year we have travelled to numerous countries to carry out training and these include Iraq, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, China, plus many more.

International Organisations all over the world, such as UNICEF, WHO and many of the NGOs have all had in-country training provided by Wagtech Projects.