Urban Pollution Monitor (UPM)

Developed to monitor the effects of traffic flow, the UPM provides real time recording of local air pollution levels.Using a microprocessor controlled logger, the UPM can monitor and record information on a whole range of airborne pollutants and cross reference them to site specific data such as temperature and relative humidity.

A wide range of sensor configurations is possible, with options for up to 3 electrochemical gas sensors, PM monitor, met sensors and sound. Depending on the configuration chosen, the sample gas may be pumped into the unit or allowed to diffuse through natural air movement. Additional flexibility is achieved with a wide range of power options, from standard mains power to internal or external battery.

Constructed from weatherproof plastic, the UPM is environmentally sealed in a rugged, compact enclosure. Fixing is via a twin aperture bracket that allows fitting to most industrial or urban sites within minutes. This makes it ideal for short to medium term testing periods.

The logger has the capability to record up to several months of time stamped 15 minute averages. All data gathered is held in memory by an on-board lithium cell which allows all operational settings to be retained without external supply.

The UPM houses its own communications system so no need  for hard wired telemetry. The integral radio link is capable of communicating with a dedicated base station up to 20 metres away, whilst the GSM option allows data recovery or program changes from almost anywhere.

EachUPM is individually identified, which allows the use of several loggers within a data gathering network. The supplied operational software is Windows™ compatible and supplied for multi user installation. Information on logger status, battery life and the dynamic state of all operational parameters is available via an easy to use pull down menu.

EN73-302 / EN73-304 / EN73-306 / EN73-308 / EN73-310 / EN73-312 / EN73-314 / EN73-316 / EN73-318 / EN73-320

Product Code: EN73-300