Spear Samplers

A comprehensive range of spears and tries are available as listed. A wide range of alternative sizes (length and aperture) are also available on request.

  • Bag and bulk cargo varieties to suit most materials; corn, wheat, barley, coffee etc
  • Protective cover for when not in use
  • Provides years of trouble-free service

Sack Spear Samplers (single slot)

Consisting of a rust proof, single-slotted tube, this device permits easy
sampling of sack-stored seeds. A sample is obtained by spearing the sack horizontally with the slot facing downwards; at the desired position the spear is turned leaving the slot uppermost. Grain then falls into the spear and is allowed to exit from the open-end of the spear by tilting it slightly downwards.

Sack Spear Samplers (double concentric)

Consisting of accurately fitting inner and outer tubes which may be separated for easy cleaning, these sampling spears are designed for vertical insertion into sack, bin and floor-stored grain. The inner tube is rotated to close when inserting and withdrawing, and is further rotated to collect and recover the sample. The multi-slot spear has the advantage of extracting discrete grain samples over a range of depths, thus

Product Code: AG61-100 / AG61-101 / AG61-102 / AG61-104 / AG61-106 / AG61-108 / AG61-110 / AG61-112 /