Soil Profile Probe

No other system enables you to monitor your soil water profiles with such ease and flexibility. Install an access tube into the soil, insert the probe and press the ‘Read’ button to display an instantaneous reading, or connect the unit to a data logger and leave the system to record soil moisture changes over time.

The access tube requires an installation hole of 27mm in diameter, allowing easy installation and minimal soil disturbance. Correct installation is essential and we recommend the use of the specially designed augering equipment as displayed below.

•  Soil moisture content – not just trends

•  Low salinity and temperature sensitivity

•  Portable meter option for multisite measurement

•  Datalogger option for continuous monitoring

•  Out of the box solution – supplied with soil calibrations for common soil types

•  Uses access tubes for easy probe insertion and removal

Product Code: AG25-250 / AG25-252 / AG25-254 / AG25-256 / AG25-257