Sewage Effluent Test Kit

Sewage Eflluents are used in many countries for irrigation, and this kit provides a simple means of checking the quality of such water.

It is used extensively for control testing at small sewage works. Based on simplified methods of sewage effluent testing, the kit contains tests for the essential quality control checks required for the day-to-day operation of sewage effluent treatment plants. Each of the tests is performed simply without the use of complicated equipment and are suitable without formal training in water testing and analysis.

  • Permanganate Value enables the Permanganate Value (PV) to be determined and the effluent classified as to its acceptability for discharge.
  • pH test Chemical and biological reactions at sewage works areprofoundly influenced by pH. A pH test will also check, for example, on the effect of acid or alkaline trade wastes in the effluent flow.
  • Turbidity and Suspended Solids Designed to give a measure of the suspended solids content of the final effluent. It is also useful in following the day-to-day variation in the quality of sewage and effluent.
  • Probable BOD, COD and TOC It is possible to derive an indication of theBiochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) andTotal Organic Carbon (TOC) from the result of the Permanganate Value test.
  • Temperature A check should be maintained on the temperature of effluent discharges and these should always be close to ambient  temperatures.
  • Kit comes complete with a -10° to +50° thermometer in a brass protecting case.
Product Code: AG24-100 / AG24-102 / EN15-840 / EN15-842