Recirculating Water Pump for Fumes Aspiration

Recirculating water pump that lets two different timed modes for the digesters to be selected. This ensures optimum aspiration depending on the digestion phases and the number of samples in the digester connected to the pump.

Lack of adequate water mains pressure or its high consumption frequently prevent common water pumps from being used. This unit consists of a tank where the water introduced is recirculated continuously, offering considerable savings on water. The type and quality of the materials used make the instrument extremely quiet and long-lasting, and guarantee a high flow rate (up to 35 l/min). Combined with the scrubber unit, it provides the ideal complement to achieve highly effective fume neutralization that is developed during acid digestions.

The unit is supplied complete with a Viton tube, 10 x 14mm diameter

  • Automatism and optimization of the sucking power
  • Strongly reduced water consumption in comparison to water jet pumps connected to tap
  • Possibility of avoiding emission into the atmosphere of gaseous pollutants  or polluted waters into drainages
  • Independent from tap water contingencies like low water availability or low pressure
Product Code: EN15-768