Quickdraw Soil Moisture Probe

With reaction times varying from 3-5 minutes in sandy loam to 12-15 minutes in heavy clay, this instrument is suitable for both greenhouse and field
measurement. This is a durable Tensiometer on which the probe readings are unaffected by differing soil types, soil temperatures or salinity conditions.

Available in two lengths: 300mm and 460mm. The length is measured from the mid-portion of the ceramic tip upward to a point approximately 50mm below the gauge.

•  Large 50mm dial gauge reads directly in centibars of soil suction, the basic measurement used by soil scientists

•  Hydraulic force of soil water is measured through the porous ceramic tip

•  Probe indicates moisture conditions in relationship to plant growth, thus demonstrating the basic forces involved in moisture movement

Product Code: AG25-100 / AG25-102