An extremely popular and widely used light sensor, this device offers a compact and efficient sensor for solar energy measurements. It gives much greater output than thermopile pyranometers, which, with its better temperature stability, makes it easier to use.

The sensors are calibrated against precision reference thermopile pyranometers in natural daylight, and this item should therefore not be used with artificial or filtered light sources. This limitation to outdoor use is due to the sensor response curve which differs from that of received solar energy. However, because it takes a constant sample of sky light it will always be accurate when used in such conditions outdoors.

In order for data retrieval and subsequent analysis to be undertaken, a datalogger is required. The datalogger shown here is a 1-channel dedicated and reliable system which is easy to use, robust, durable, and completely weatherproof with an ABS housing that is sealed to IP65. The Sensor and Digital Read-out units are also available for purchase as individual components. A levelling unit is also available, and this is recommended for maintaining the sensor at a level height.

Product Code: AG52-200 / AG52-202 / AG52-206