Portable XRF Analyser for Screening Heavy Metals in Soils

On site screening of heavy elements in soil provides remarkable savings on laboratory costs. This portable analyser can be used in the most demanding locations and provides fast and reliable analysis of all the heavy elements of interest in soils. The results are available instantly so decisions can be made on site. Pre-sorted contaminated soil enables you to minimize remediation costs and landfill fees.

  • Preliminary screening reduces the amount of actual laboratory analysis needed – No need to wait for laboratory results!
  • Sorting the contaminated soil means great savings in landfill fees decisions can be made in minutes instead of days
  • Preliminary analysis of unknown samples at the beginning of the remediation process  enables remarkable cost savings
  • Instantly locate and identify polluting elements and define the extremities of ‘hotspots’
  • Analysis can be done directly from the ground or from samples in sample bags or cups
  • Laboratory quality analytical data is obtained by measuring prepared samples using the optional benchtop stand which quickly converts the handheld analyser into a laboratory unit.
  • Samples can be in the form of soil, rock, dirt, humus, sand, powder, liquid etc.

Air particles on filters, wipe test swabs, equipment surfaces, coatings, vegetation etc can also be analysed.

Product Code: EN32-350