Portable Hydrocarbon Analyser

This Hydrocarbon Analyser is designed to measure ppm levels of petroleum hydrocarbons in water and also to meet field monitoring requirements.

In the analytical mode, it gives fast and accurate quantitative data for petroleum hydrocarbons in water. The data correlates very well with laboratory gas chromatographic analysis. In the screening mode, it offers fast relative data on petroleum hydrocarbon contamination, tracking field gas chromatograph data for TPH, and responds strongly to BTEX components. The unit works equally well for ground water, surface water, waste water, and soil samples.

Typical applications include Site assessment, Storm / waste water monitoring, Leak detection for buried fuel tanks, Well plume monitoring, Spill control & Remediation monitoring

• Detects petroleum hydrocarbons directly in water

• Provides in-situ real time information

• Pays for itself with lower analysis costs

• Reduces sample collection

• Logs data from 100 samples

• Easy to calibrate

• Serial output to laptop or printer

• Easy to use menu driven software

Product Code: EN15-878