Portable Flue Gas Analyser

This portable gas analyser is the complete tool for the modern emission monitoring engineer. Highly portable and easy to use, it is a perfect back-up to continuous systems or when random spot-checking is required. The differential pressure and temperature connections allow precise burner and pump set-up, whilst the exhaust gases can be monitored over user defined time periods, confirming pollution controls.

  • Measures; oxygen, carbon monoxide, and nitric oxide as standard
  • Optional sensors for; Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulpher Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide. Calculates; Carbon Dioxide Nitrous Oxides
  • 7 fuel types (natural gas, propane, butane, heavy & light oil, coal & coke)
  • Integrated printer with one button operation
  • High quality 250mm stainless steel probe for temperature (up to 800°C) and gas measurement with 2.5m of hosing
  • User configurable logging up to 75 reports, transferable to standard Windows software
  • Integrated water trap with easy to change dual filtration
Product Code: EN73-420 / EN73-421 / EN73-422 / EN73-423 / EN73-424