Portable Digital Density Meter

This hand held digital density meter is the latest design in portable density measurement. Designed for use in the most demanding industrial environments, it provides the density, specific gravity or % concentration of your sample. Need to save the data for later analysis? Measured results are stored in the instruments memory – up to 1024 data points – and can easily be transferred to a computer and printed later. Two intrinsically safe versions are available, the casing of the basic version is plastic, and this has many advantages, however with plastics the main disadvantage is that not many are chemically resistant to both solvents and acids & alkalis. For this reason we have two intrinsically safe versions. Acid / Alkaline meter suitable for use in applications such as battery bank monitoring. Solvent / Petrochemical meter is suitable for applications such as checking fuel samples.


• Ease of Use – Small, compact, light weight design

• No arm fatigue, even when measuring hundreds of samples daily

• Easily fits into tight spaces

• Designed so that display is easily seen, regardless of sampling position

• True one hand operation

• Pipette-style pump – Better control of sample flow

• Less effort required

• No bellows to crack or leak

• Entire pump assembly easily replaced

Product Code: EN15-894