Portable Ambient Air Sampler (PAAS)

The Portable Ambient Air Sampler (PAAS) is an air sampler for particulate matter. The patented low flow technology used in the PAAS was developed with the USEPA in an effort to address the need for portable air pollution sampling technology.

Whilst not a reference method sampler, the PAAS gives results that closely approximate reference method air quality data. Both accurate and precise, the battery operated, lightweight PAAS is ideal for sampling at remote sites or areas without power. In addition, the low cost of the sampler allows a network of PAAS to be deployed at a fraction of the cost for a similar reference station network.

The PAAS features a 7-day programmable timer, a constant flow control system, an elapsed time totaliser, rechargeable battery packs, and all-weather PVC enclosure. The PAAS can separately sample particulate matter in the TSP, PM10, and PM2.5 range.

Product Code: EN65-300 / EN65-302 / EN65-304 / EN65-306 / EN65-308 / EN65-310 / EN65-318 / 3N65-320