Plant Moisture System – Digital

This fully portable plant moisture system can be used for observations in the field, and allows for plant observations in accordance with the Scholander method.

The demand for water in the plant is a combination of many factors including the availability of water to the roots, environmental factors (for example temperature, wind, humidity, solar radiation) and the ability of the plant to move water.

Water potential is a clear indication of water deficiency in a plant and of the ability of the plant to absorb water. Fluctuations of water potential imply changes in growth, proteins and photosynthesis, and thus portray an accurate picture of developmental changes within the crop.

The leaf of a plant is placed in a pressurization chamber by sealing the leaf stem in the removable neck of the chamber, allowing for the operator to observe the stem, while the chamber is being pressurised. Pressurization takes place in the air cylinder, which can easily be refilled. The chamber pressure is measured by a semi-conductor transducer, while a large LCD screen provides a read out.

•  Main chamber is machined from a single piece of solid, high grade brass, there are no metal joins and seams to fail under high pressures

•  Chamber head is secured using a quick fastening, multi start thread, ensuring the chamber cannot be pressurised unless the head is secure

•  Safety release pressure valve is fitted to each system, this is set to automatically evacuate the chamber lid if the maximum working pressure is exceeded at any time.

Product Code: AG51-100