PAR Energy Measurements

A fully portable instrument designed to measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), the light which falls between 400 and 700nm and which is used by plants for growth. The instrument can provide an accurate prediction of the efficiency of photosynthetic activity in plant growth, and is particularly useful when used in fluctuating light environments such as plant canopies. Accurate measurements are made as a result of the filtering within the sensor, on light of any nature, sunlight, tungsten, fluorescent or xenon lamps etc.

In order for data retrieval and subsequent analysis to be undertaken, a datalogger is required. The datalogger shown here is a 1-channel dedicated and reliable system which is easy to use, robust, durable, and completely weatherproof with an ABS housing that is sealed to IP65. The Sensor
and Digital Read-out units are also available for purchase as individual components.

  • Measurement of the efficiency of photosynthetic activity on plant growth
  • Use in outdoor or indoor applications
  • Measurement procedure has become a standard in scientific papers worldwide
  • Assessment of drift in radiation sources
  • Comparison of Photosynthetic efficiencies of light sources differing in spectral emission
Product Code: AG52-500 / AG52-502 / AG52-206