Oil / Water Interface Meter

The Oil / Water Interface Probe is used to determine the thickness of hydrocarbon, in Light Non-Aqueous Phase (LNAPL) and Dense Non-Aqueous Phase (DNAPL) in groundwater, and to also detect the presence of water in storage tanks. It consists of a stainless steel shroud with a specially designed float and conductive meter to minimise surface tension errors, providing unparalleled accuracy. As the probe is lowered into the LNAPL, a single audible buzz is heard and a green light shows. Once the probe reached the water at the oil / water interface, a two-tone buzzer is heard and both the green and red lamps show.

• Slim-line 20mm probe

• High accuracy

• Simple to use

• Easy to clean

• Robust construction

• Compact design

Product Code: EN15-886