Micro Analytical Balance

Ideal for weighing dust samples this micro balance is equipped with a high performance force compensation weigh cell that is very precise, but also exceptionally reliable and durable. The built-in, motorized calibration weight activates by the touch of a key and activates automatically when the ambient temperature changes by a specific value. The internal ionizer neutralizes electrostatically charged objects instantly, which removes errors caused by static electricity. The balance automatically adjusts its response characteristics (FAST, MID, or SLOW) by analyzing the influence of drafts or vibrations on the stability of the display value.

  • Built in Fanless Ionizer
  • Interlockable Sliding Doors
  • Internal Calibration Mass
  • Automatic Response Adjustment
  • Reverse Backlit LCD Display
  • Twelve weighing units
  • GLP / GMP / GCP / ISO compliant output
  • Data memory function
  • RS-232C and Quick USB interfaces as standard
  • Counting mode
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
  • Percent mode function
  • Comparator function with buzzer
  • Auto power on function
  • Underhook function
  • Density determination function
  • Built-in temperature, humidity & atmospheric pressure sensors
  • Special pans and holder for dust particulate filter weighing
Product Code: EN65-340 / EN65-342 / EN65-344