Metalyser Portable HM1000

The HM1000 is an entry level heavy metals analyser aimed at the novice field user. Results can be obtained quickly and easily for several of the most common heavy metals onsite using the portable hand held unit. The instrument and sensor head (sonde) is fully waterproof as well as the rugged carry case enabling testing in all weathers and includes all the consumables and accessories required to carry out 50 tests.

  • Field based detection of heavy metals in water to low ppb concentrations providing data at site
  • Rapid results allowing immediate action on remediation
  • No complicated sample preparation or analysis procedures in the field allowing non-technical personnel the ability to obtain lab-comparable results
  • Step-by-step pictorial guides allowing non-experienced personnel the ability to use instrument quickly and easily without reading in-depth manuals
  • Low cost per test
  • No PC required for sample analysis
  • Rugged and durable instrumentation built for tough environments allowing operation even in adverse weather conditions
  • Measures the following 10 parameters


Product Code: EN15-600