Metalyser Field Pro HM3000

The Field Pro is an advanced portable analyser with an integrated ruggedised tablet PC and bespoke Metaware software to enable detailed graphical analysis by more experienced users.

The Field Pro is housed in a fully waterproof case, and with the water-resistant tough PC and waterproof instrument, testing can continue in the most adverse of conditions. The integrated tablet PC provides instant graphical data, via the dedicated pre-loaded Metaware software. The user can now take traditional laboratory analysis tools such as repeat scanning and multi-point standard additions to the field, greatly increasing confidence in the results as well as providing much more information about the sample matrix and potential interferences.

With the manual peak height calculation function, peaks can be measured that automatic techniques cannot detect. The spreadsheet function can average data, calculate correlation coefficients, draw best fit lines and calculate the original sample concentration. With these tools the field user can detect levels as low as 1ppb with confidence.

  • Field based detection of heavy metals to low ppb concentrations using the popular Metalyser instrument but with a tablet PC offering advanced levels of analysis
  • Rapid results allowing immediate remedial action to be taken
  • Integrated tablet PC incorporating Metaware software, displays and stores all of the graphical data, allowing the more advanced user to undertake enhanced analysis at site
  • Data manipulation using the tablet PC allows for extended detection limits and high levels of accuracy
  • Rugged and durable PC and instrumentation built for a tough environment which enable operation even in adverse weather conditions
  • Measures the following parameters


Product Code: EN15-640