Metalyser Deluxe HM2000

The Metalyser Deluxe HM2000 has been developed to offer precise portable analysis of 12 commonly regulated hazardous metals that may be found in water courses. Targetted for on site monitoring across a number of applications within environmental, agricultural, and industrial fields, the HM2000 is the kit of choice for today’s water professionals.

Lightweight dual instruments supplied in the kit, offer complementary techniques, to provide a wider capability of detection, for field analysis. Our team of experienced multi-disciplinary technical experts have hand-picked the optimum techniques for each parameter. Voltammetric and photometric technologies have been combined into a compact portable solution, enabling Trace2o to provide the user with simple, cost-effective testing of heavy metals.

Portable field kit combining electrochemical and photometric techniques for analysing a wider range of metals in water

  • Rapid in-field analysis
  • Suitable for remediation studies
  • Voltammetric and photometric techniques
  • Precise results from ppb to ppm levels
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Rugged, waterproof kit
  • Consumables for 50 tests included
  • Measures the following parameters


Product Code: EN15-620