Metalyser Benchtop HM5000

A compact benchtop laboratory based voltammetry instrument for use by scientists and technicians engaged in education, research, and industry. Laboratory-based analysis of heavy metals has traditionally been complex and expensive, requiring dedicated installations and experienced operators. With no costly installation expenses and an easy-to-use interface, the HM5000 is the instrument of choice for novice to advanced users, offering a realistic and economic alternative to AAS and ICP-MS. The instrument has been designed with several features to overcome the traditional challenges found in voltammetric analysis. The innovative nitrogen sample purge diminishes interference from oxygen, whilst the automatic elevation platform reduces sample disturbance, improving repeatability. Our bespoke Metaware software offers the experienced analyst full control over electrochemical methods. The software allows the user to change time and voltage variables, as well as offering a range of stripping techniques, i.e. square wave, differential pulse, linear sweep and cyclic voltammetry.

  • Laboratory based analysis of heavy metals in solution from ppm to low ppb level
  • Complete control over voltammetric parameters allowing advanced users to customise their analysis and the ability to develop their own methods
  • Minimal set-up costs with no expensive gas lines, extraction or temperature-controlled environment needed, unlike AAS or ICP-MS
  • Starter kit of method files included for easy analysis by users of any ability
  • Method file compatibility with HM1000 means user developed parameters can be adapted for in-field use
  • Increased ability to handle differing sample matrices
  • Bluetooth connectivity also enables the user to remotely control the instrument away from possible spills and hazardous chemicals.
  • The following method files are pre-loaded in the software


Product Code: EN15-660