Laboratory Mill

A disc type laboratory mill that is used for grinding grains, peas, corns, soybeans and other similar matter without any moisture loss. The sample is rapidly crushed/sheared between sharp steel discs and collected in a quick release plastic sample cup. The disc design and the rapid grinding minimize heat development. Loss of water is virtually eliminated. Typical sample size is 5-50g for general applications and 10-15g for grain moisture determinations.

The mill is supplied with a standard grinding disc (medium 4×3 teeth). A further range of discs are available in the Accessories box below.

  • Large inlet allows grinding of pellets and large sized grain
  • Grinds up to 250 gram sample
  • Sample preparation for accurate moisture analysis
  • Particle size distribution is easily adjusted by changing distance between discs
  • Reliable operation and long mill life
  • Low noise motor
Product Code: AG62-700 / AG62-702 / AG62-704 / AG62-706