Hand Held Plant Photosynthesis System

This handheld photosynthesis system is a field ready, portable and light weight photosynthesis analyser. This gas exchange system is easy to operate in either the lab, greenhouse or field during any condition. It comes ready to take ambient measurements of gas exchange right out of the case. The optional environment modules allow the researcher to control CO2, H2O, temperature, light and also measure chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis rates simultaneously.

Product Features:

  • Measurements of: photosynthesis, Transpiration, Stomatal Conductance, Internal CO2 concentration
  • Open and close system measurement methods
  • Nine interchangeable chambers available to accommodate broadleaf plants, grasses, conifers and succulents
  • Soil respiration chamber available
  • Optional modular environmental control attachments including light, temperature control, CO2/H2O supply and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement
  • Infrared, non-contact leaf temperature measurement
  • Data can be displayed in real time through projector, which can make it a convenient demonstration tool
Product Code: AG51-060 / AG51-062 / AG51-064 / AG51-066 / AG51-068 / AG51-070 / AG51-072