Fruit QC Tester

This non-destructive fruit quality control tester uses a near-infrared spectrometer (NIRS) to help establish the optimum harvest time for fruit and vegetables.

It can be used for monitoring on-tree fruit ripening, to establish accurately the optimum harvest time and to reduce the variability in fruit batches. It can also be used in cool stores to establish maturity changes and to support research into the fruit maturation.

The Fruit QC Tester measures the chlorophyll content in fruit which is a precise index of a fruit’s ripening state and is unrelated to weather conditions, a factor which influences other methods of measurement such as the brix index.

The DA index, measured with the Fruit QC Tester, is useful during many stages in the production and consumption’s cycle of fruit for example, by farmers to optimize the tree pruning, during harvest, in storage to determine shelf life and maturation state, and by retailers to select the best products for sale.

Product Code: AG51-720