Environmental Health Inspectors Kit

This kit has been especially designed with the Environmental Health Inspector in mind and it includes a range of instruments which will help him quickly to carry out on-the-spot tests and also, where necessary, to take samples away to the lab for later analysis.

The ENVIROKIT contains the following components:

(for details of each instrument please refer to the product numbers shown)
Water Quality
• Pocket pH meter. Page 37 (EN16-102)

• Pocket Conductivity meter. Page 40 (EN16-129)

• Turbidity Tubes, 2 part. Page 8 (EN15-206)

• Water Level Dipmeter. Page 62 (EN26-136)

• Tube Water Sampler (capacity 250ml). Page 65 (EN26-160)

• Water Sample Bottles (5)

• Re-sealable polythene bags, pack of 25

Indoor Air Quality
• Multi-Function Environment Meter measures indoor Sound Levels, Light Levels, relative Humidity and Temperature. Page 98 (EN44-292)

• General Dust Sampling & Monitoring Kit. Page 107 (EN65-210 & EN65-212)

• Portable Ambient Carbon Monoxide Monitor, measures the concentration of this harmful gas produced by faulty heating and cooking appliances. Page 102 (EN55-260)

• Gas Leak Detector, for rapid checks on gas pipe connections. Page 102 (EN55-262)

• Mini Digital Sound Level Meter, a simple meter for monitoring noise levels within a neighbourhood. Page 122 (EN81-102)

• Portable Radon Monitor, for measuring levels of this naturally occurring but dangerous gas in the home, office and factory. Page 120 (EN73-506)

Product Code: EN15-690