Electronic Grain Counter

This Electronic Grain Counter provides reliable counts for a variety of seeds. This instrument is robustly constructed in steel with a powder coat paint providing a hard wearing finish.

Grains falling into the counter from the feeder tray interrupt a beam before passing into the collection tray. This creates pulses which register as numbers on the easily read display. When the pre-selected number has been reached,
a control signal stops the feeder and ‘count complete’ will show on the control panel.

Specially developed firmware resident in the microcontroller uses error detection algorithms to minimise “double counting” and errors of counting undersized samples such as counting split grains as two grains.

  • Suitable for use with a wide variety of seed sizes
  • Grain feed rate adjustable via the keypad for optimum efficiency and for calibration.
  • Once calibrated, counting is automatically controlled for pre-determined  grain sizes/types.
  • Flexibility of count totals and batch numbers
  • Automatic cut-off
  • LCD display
Product Code: AG64-100