Electromagnetic Flow Meters

This small electromagnetic flow meter has been designed specifically for use in open channels where fouling by weed or sewage can be a problem. A high precision instrument which can be relied upon to give accurate readings (±0.5% of reading plus zero stability) over a wide flow range (±5 m/sec) in only 5cm of water. The control display unit provides a choice of averaging modes, standard deviation of the data, and a logging facility for recording up to 999 averaged readings.

Two sensor types are available, to suit different application requirements. One for measuring speeds in water depths of 15cm or more, and one for 5cm or more. Both offer excellent durability, reliable accurate data, and are suitable for use in clean water and dirty or difficult environments.

Both instruments are calibrated to NAMAS traceable standards for speeds up to 1m/s. Supplied with: 3m cable, control display unit (with logging facility), wading rod set c/w 3 x 0.5m graduated rods, base, direction knob and operation manual. Supplied complete in large carrying case.

Product Code: EN26-114 / EN26-116 / AG41-120 / AG41-122