Eclox – Water Purity Testing Kit

Developed from a kit in use by the armed forces throughout the world. This Eclox test kit is now available for water and sanitation engineers to give a rapid indication of the toxicity levels present at the water source. The heart of the Eclox is a luminometer which gives a generic identification of the toxicity of a water sample.


• The kit can provide a rapid indication of water quality (4 minutes).

• On-site detection of contamination.

• Pollution incident tracking.

• Emergency Pollution Response Kit.

• World wide field water evaluation.

• Chemicals from urine, faeces, phenols, amines, heavy metals, cyanide and    many other toxic substances are all rapidlydetected.


• Rapid detection of contaminated water.

• Reliable indicator of relative water quality.

• Sensitive to heavy metals and poisons.

• Easy to use with minimum of training.

• Robust, washable and totally portable.

• Completely self contained.

• Use in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Product Code: EN15-860