Earth Resistivity Meter

This Earth Resistivity Meter provides excellent and reliable performance in a convenient, robust and fully portable design. Ideally suited for subsoil groundwater prospecting at shallow, medium and great depth, it can also be used for geological stratigraphy, studies of salt water contamination in fresh water layers, landslide monitoring, mineral exploration and archaeological research.

•  Creation of energetic wave based upon the parameters supplied by the user

•  Fast downloading of data through RS232

•  Easy to operate menu for quick learning

•  More than 50 hours of battery life

•  Automatic calibration at every switch-on

•  Light and compact structure in a sturdy weatherproof case

Complete unit comprises of the following: 

•  Earth Resistivity measuring unit

•  Cable reel with 300m cable (section 1mm) x2

•  Cable reel with 100m cable (section 1mm) x2

•  Rechargeable accumulator (200V, 500mA) x2

•  Copper electrode x2

•  Inox steel electrode x2

•  1.25kg Mallet x2

Product Code: AG43-050 / EN26-146
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