Distillation Units

Distillation units that are designed for diversified and flexible use, including applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein nitrogen, (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile fatty acids, cyanides, alcohol content, etc, according to official procedures.

The units come with a patented steam generator that assures distillations are carried out in absolute safety and without routine maintenance. The supply water feed is automatically stopped during pauses, thus cutting down on its consumption. The instrument is equipped with a system that recognises when the sliding protection door is not closed and when the test tube is not in position, without which the dosing pump does not start operation. Use of an innovative system allows various sizes of test tubes to be used and 500 ml Kjeldahl flasks to be housed. Both units work in accordance with official  methods AOAC, EPA, DIN e ISO, with model EN15-776 representing the basic unit, and model EN15-778 the more advanced, semi-automatic unit.

Supplied complete with 42mm Dia x 300mm – 250ml test tube, flask, tongs and inlet tube.

  • A maintenance-free steam generator that uses deionised water
  • Innovative titanium condenser that achieves outstanding heat exchange andhigher resistance than glass, and that is also easy to clean
  • Technopolymer splash head (alkali-resistant) that ensures a longer lifetime

Product Accessories codes:EN15-754 / EN15-782 / EN15-784 / EN15-786 / EN15-788 / EN15-790 / AG71-104 / AG71-404 / AG71-406 / AG71-408 / AG71-410 / AG71-412

Product Code: EN15-776 / EN15-778 / AG71-400 / AG71-402