Direct Soil pH Measurement Kit

The kit has been designed to measure pH directly in soil accurately and quickly. Testing both the pH of soil directly or after preperation of a diluted sample. The electrode has a conical, rugged tip and can be directly inserted in moist or soft soil. Use the specially made soil preparation solution for higher degrees of accuracy, or for stony ground where the electrode may be damaged. This solution is included to help you measure pH more precisely by diluting the soil sample. In order to measure the pH directly, the kit includes a plastic auger to perforate the ground. This hand held product has a large, multi-level LCD which displays the primary reading, temperature and calibration guides simultaneously. Complete kit includes meter, pH electrode, soil auger, soil preparation solution, starter set of calibration solution sachets, 100ml plastic beaker, batteries, instructions and carrying case.

Product Code: EN32-204 / EN32-206 / EN32-208 / AG22-655 / AG22-656 / AG22-657