Digestion Units.

These are widely used instruments within laboratories performing analysis for different applications such as digestions in the Kjeldahl process for protein determination and analysis in the environmental field.

A user-friendly program menu allows for the selection of up to 20 work programs, while 4 temperature ramps are available for the simultaneous digestion of 6, or 20 samples in test tubes of different dimensions.

These instruments are provided with a wide range of options (temperature selections, programmable permanence time, continuous working mode availability etc) and with a visualisation display which allows for the desired values to be set and to monitor the digestion progress.

Please note: The operating accessories are necessary for the correct functioning of the intruments

  • High accuracy – temperature precision is ±0.5%, with a heating speed of 20  to 420°C in 30 minutes
  • RS232 interface – for PC data transfer and storage according to GLP
  • Safety – Electronic microprocessor checks and automatically calibrates the  heating block’s temperature
  • Customisable – the operator can choose among 6 different languages

Operating Accessories

EN15-754 / EN15-756 / EN15-758 /  EN15-760 / EN15-762 / EN15-764 / EN15-766

Product Code: EN15-750 / EN15-752