Communications and Computer Software for Automatic Weather Stations

The standard weather station is supplied with a 2m long RS232 communications cable and standard downloading software. A laptop computer is required to retrieve the data on site. Additional software is available to display the data, build graphs and windroses etc, and to monitor the operation of up to 25 weather stations.

Other options include:

  • Permanent cable link which is used with mains power supply, and the communications from base to AWS distance no more than 50m
  • Permanent cable link also uses the mains power supply and communication for distances up to 1km
  • GSM modem unit is available in order to enable communication with the station 24 hours a day using the local cell phone network
Product Code: AG31-550 / AG31-600 / AG31-650 / AG31-700 / AG31-750 / AG31-800 / AG31-850