Chlorophyll Content Meter

Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and uses its energy to synthesise carbohydrates from CO2 and water. This process is known as photosynthesis and is the basis for sustaining the life process of all plants. Changes in chlorophyll content can occur as a result of nutrient deficiencies, exposure to environmental stress, exposure to certain herbicides and differences in light environment during growth (shading).

Designed to non-destructively measure the chlorophyll concentration of leaf tissue without the need to detach and grind a sample. The unit offers accurate, reliable and easily repeatable measurements, all in one lightweight, weatherproof design which is optimised for field work. The measurements are rapid and simple to obtain, allowing researchers and agronomists to gather and evaluate data quicker and more efficiently that ever before.

Especially useful for improving Nitrogen and Fertilizer management programs, this device is also ideal for crop stress, leaf senescence, plant breeding, herbicide activity, health determination and quality control studies; a tool that is aptly suited to both teaching and research applications.

•  Fast, accurate, and easily repeatable measurements

•  Large sampling area

•  Internal data logging

•  Stand alone operation – no P.C. required

•  User friendly operation

•  USB connection

Product Code: AG51-050