Centrifugal Seed Divider

This is a traditionally designed precision divider that has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to precisely divide large samples of seed, grain and feed into working size samples in a matter of seconds.

The dividing and mixing are accomplished by the centrifugal action of a motor driven revolving neoprene disc positioned under the hopper. A smooth inside chrome plated finish virtually eliminates any of the sample sticking to the inner surfaces. Both the hopper and cylinder top lift off to provide easy access to
the interior of the dividing chamber.

The unit consists of a stainless steel hopper over 102mm diameter spinner above spiral fluted, cast bronze, two-way dividing head. The spinner is driven at 450rpm by 50W geared motor unit housed in base. Detachable hopper for access to the spinner and two-way dividing head; the divider is fitted with an off bias push button switch. The unit comes with a transformer for use with 220V AC 50Hz.

Product Code: AG61-250 / AG61-252