BOD Incubators

Two sizes of BOD incubators are available for 1 or 2 BOD systems. All models are suitable for use with the standard or Merc-Free systems. Air circulation within the incubators ensures an even temperature throughout.

90 Litre BOD Incubators

The three small dimension refrigerating incubators have been built purposely for the incubation of manometric BOD measurement units; allowing 1, 6 or 10 bottle system to be incubated.

220 Litre BOD Incubators

The two complete and advanced incubators are intended for any use which requires precise and constant temperature. The continuous internal air circulation and the thermostating microprocessor controlled Auto-Tuning system allows a uniform temperature within the internal chamber.

Product Code: EN15-718 / EN15-720 / EN15-722 / EN15-724 / EN15-726