Automatic Copenhagen Seed Testing Bath

The Automatic Copenhagen Seed Testing Bath provides the conditions specified for seed germination testing according to the regulations of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA)

This equipment allows setting and maintenance of seed germination testing, where an eight hour period of operating at 30°C is followed by a sixteen hour period at 20°C. The thermostatically controlled water circulator is intended for use in an environment of 17 to 18°C. This will allow a natural radiation of heat through the bath bottom and a drop to 20°C will take about 2 hours without chilled water assistance. However, the  temperature controller will accept cooling water into its heat exchanger if there are difficulties in maintaining the lower set point.

The stainless steel water bath is designed to hold 12 glass plates about 25 mm above the water level. Each plate will hold five test pads that are individually protected by a small plastic cover. These covers provide controlled micro environments to each germination test.

•  Stainless Steel water bath with high flow capability for fast responsive control of pre-set temperatures

•  Programmable temperature and time controller, allowing three user defined programmes or choice from six predefined  programmes.

•  Design  optimised to operate at the  20°C and 30°C standard germination cycle.

•  Temperature controller with 2000 watt  heater and a high flow  circulation pump. Standard operating voltage is 220/250 Vac.

•  Facility to assist water bath cooling with chilled water if ambient is too high.

•  Stainless steel support frame.

•  Focused temperature probe to detect seed bed temperature.

Product Code: AG63-400