Agricultural Inspectors Kit

Supplied in a purpose built aluminium carry case this kit possesses the unique ability for the user to carry out the full range of seed and soil quality testing procedures all in one fully portable
system. Ideally suited to farmers who require an on the spot determination of the quality of both seeds and soils.

Contains the following components:

•  Grain Moisture Meter, 0-100 Relative scale and digital readings for 15 pre-programmed crop calibrations

•  Soil Moisture Probe with a range of 0-1bar negative pressure

•  N-P-K Soil Testing Kit, sufficient for 50 tests

•  Tropical Soils Colour Chart

•  Set of 5 stainless steel, agricultural sieves with lid and receiver

•  Hand Held GPS system for the accurate recording and measurement of bearings    and positioning

•  Sack Spear Sampler for grain, 12.7mm diam. x 650mm long, single slot, protective cover

•  Soil Auger

•  2 x Plastic Sample Bottles

•  Pack of 25 re-sealable Polyethylene Bags

•  Hand Held magnifying Glass

Grain Moisture Meter

Easy to use, lightweight and portable, this meter is ideal for measuring 

moisture content in a wide range of crops.

Soil Moisture Probe

A robust soil tensiometers which is used to measure the moisture available within the soil for plant growth. An important tool for use in irrigation

NPK Soil Test Kit

A simple test kit used for measuring the key nutrients in the soil essential for plant growth:

N – Nitrogen: promotes the growth of leaves and vegetation

P – Phosphorous: promotes root growth

K – Potassium: promotes flower and fruit growth

Other items in the kit will help to take samples and classify soil and crops.

Finally, a hand held GPS survey unit is included to enable the inspector or farmer to log their survey position accurately using 21st century technology.

Product Code: AG21-100