Water Test Kits

This complete range of portable laboratories and kits provide the following benefits:

  •     No need to send samples back to a Central Lab
  •     Results are quick, easy and accurate
  •     Low cost and re-usable consumables
  •     Modular depending on monitoring
  •     Sophistication and budget
  •     Conforms to WHO and EU Guidelines

At the top end of the portable range is the WSL50 Pro, an extremely popular resource which essentially represents the capability of a water testing laboratory in a single compact unit, with twin incubators and digital instruments.

The WSL20 is a scaled down version with less sophisticated instrumentation and a single incubator that is ideal for monitoring water quality programmes at district levels. The Aquaflex is the ultimate portable system for flexible microbiological testing including faecal streptococci, pseudomonas, E-Coli and Total Coliforms.

The The Hydro Range of physico-chemical test kits offers Public Health Inspectors and Groundwater Engineers a flexible and more focussed approach to physico-chemical monitoring using the latest technologies.

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