The Aquasafe Management System 

The new way to collect data on site, analyse results in various forms and manage your testing instruments. Easy to use compliance tool that offers audit trails for your research or business. 

What the packages offer

Standard Software Package

Dashboard data is gathered from locations where surveys are carried out, providing results including Microbiological, Physico-chemical and Sanitary surveys via the mobile App.

The Standard dashboard allows you to simply view water quality data in tabular form and filter it by descriptors such as location, parameter and source. This dashboard is perfect as an economical solution for reviewing essential field data online that has been captured remotely using the purpose-built App.

More detailed analysis features are available in the Advanced package.

Mobile Phone App

Analytical  Water Quality Results 

Advanced Software Package 

The Advanced software is the ultimate solution for viewing, visualising and analysing data collected via the ASMS App. The package is sophisticated and customisable,and offers a more integrated reporting and alerts system, to better support automated compliance.

The Advanced dashboard allows you to view your data in tabular form, as with the Standard dashboard, but now with the ability to create graph style results to visualise trends.

A Flagged Reports section means reports of interest or concern can be stored in an area specifically to review in greater depth.

Frequently searched terms can now be saved as Favourite searches for added convenience.

Instruments and Reagents logging section enables visibility of kits being used, and to monitor the test chemical consumption rate for batch management and re-ordering.

Test results can also be viewed in a quick Summary format, and Audit Trail of Alerts helps to quickly check for compliance regulation.

Mobile Phone App

Analytical Water Quality Results

Flagged Reports 

Favourite Filters 

Trends and Charts 

Instruments and Reagents 

Summary Test

Audit Trail of Alerts

Dashboard and Chart Views

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