A lightweight portable heavy metals analysis system, offering accessories and consumables for up to six possible parameters in dual waterproof hard-shell carry cases, separating digestion equipment from analysis equipment for more effective operation. The intelligent handheld unit can calculate results from a single-point standard addition with ease, offering an inexpensive yet powerful screening tool for the field.

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A complete professional laboratory voltammetry research system, allowing full control over the range of electrochemical parameters. The bespoke software offers the user complete control of full capabilities of the potentiostat, including a variety of voltammetric scan parameters and stripping techniques. Designed by electrochemists, for electrochemists, the innovative HM5000 Benchtop instrument incorporates an automated sample elevation platform, compact electrochemical cell, as well as built-in nitrogen purging capability, with gas inlet valve and regulator controlling flow directly to the cell. With no costly installation prerequisites and no need for toxic mercury drops, the HM5000 is the ideal tool for undergraduates, post-graduates and experienced researchers alike.


Wagtech Projects Agrometeorology Station has been designed to allow farmers, agronomists, and researchers to monitor most of the conditions that affect plant health. The station comprises of 8 sensors for measuring wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, soil temperature, surface wetness and rainfall. The 8 channel data logger uses standard Alkaline batteries with a life sufficient for most applications, but a solar power pack is available as an option if required. 

The station is supplied fully configured and ready to operate together with a 2 metre mast and data transfer software. Optional deluxw software is available to enable the data to be displayed using a choice of different graphics and tables. The optional deluxe auto software is used to monitor a network of up to 25 weather stations. 


Wagtech Projects Hydrological Station has been designed for use by farmers, hydrologists and researchers to collect data on local hydrological conditions. As with the other Wagtech Projects stations, this is a lightweight unit that can easily be moved from site to site if required. 

The station comprises of sensors for measuring wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and water level (0 to 10 metres). Supplied complete with datalogger, 2 metre frame, solar charger unit, re-chargable battery pack and computer software. 


Soil Conditions Monitoring System with a 9 channel datalogger that has been specifically designed for use by farmers, soil scientists and agronomists to measure soil temperature, soil water potential and soil moisture using the following sensors: 

- 1 x soil temperature sensor, 3m cable

- 3 x 60cm tensiometers, 3m cable

- 3 x gypsum block sensors, 3m cable

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