Africa Cups

It is important to us to make sure that no hard work has gone unrecognised, so we decided to reintroduce The Africa Cups. This is to evaluate achievement by our offices and distributors in Africa and show appreciation to the success that has been made this year. In addition, an employee of the year has also been introduced to recognise the best personal effort and achievement throughout the continent.

For the fiscal year previous, being 2016/17, we produced a Gold, Silver and Bronze cup for the prize giving. 2017 Managing Director, Neil Durham travelled to Africa in July to hand deliver and present the cups to the chosen distributors and employee of the year.

Africa Gold Cup

This was awarded to Wagtech Ghana Ltd who were by far the most successful Wagtech office/Distributor on the continent. Many contracts were concluded within 2016/17 with the majority being won directly by Wagtech Ghana Ltd, meaning their contact with the end user client was ever close. Clients included Ministries of Fisheries, Agriculture, Environment, Education and Construction. In addition, there was success within the private sector including, mining, oil and gas.

Neil and Chris Stapleton can be seen presenting the cup to the Wagtech Ghana office in the image to the right, as they travelled to Ghana to present the award which then turned into a double celebration as the Wagtech Ghana’s Sales Manager Emanuel, got married the next day. Meaning it was a great overall celebration all round!

Africa Silver Cup

The Silver Cup was awarded to Wagtech Africa Ltd in Kenya, for their outstanding work and achievements in the East and Southern African region. This has of course, included the country of Kenya, traditionally a very completive market. The Silver Cup was presented by Neil to Ruth Wambui, Regional Director on the shores of Lake Malawi. Ruth expressed her thanks and acknowledged the team effort of her support staff, namely Jacinta and Pauline, both based in Nairobi. Congratulations to you all for the excellent work and “go team Wagtech Africa”!


Africa Bronze Cup

Wagtech’s Ethiopian Distributor, Tsegaye Tadesse of Moretech (Ethiopia) Ltd was awarded the Bronze Cup for their great work. As a new appointment, the relationship has grown and grown very quickly enabling Wagtech to gain access again to the water testing market, plus enabling us to work together on tenders within Education, Agriculture, Environment and Construction. Chris Stapleton will travel to Addis in November to present the Bronze Cup to Moretech and celebrate their success. Well done Tsegaye and we are sure there is more to come within this financial year.

Employee of the Year

This award was presented to George Atongo of Wagtech Ghana namely for his sterling work within Installation, Commission and Training. Chris Stapelton presented the silver plate and paid recognition to George who has worked tirelessly in many countries for Wagtech. This has included turnkey projects in Benin and Burkina Faso, both French-speaking and both with difficult terrains and geographies. George’s ability to teach, train and fix is immense. We are truly grateful to him. Well done George!


We have been very grateful for all the work that has been done throughout Africa and we are looking forward to what we can achieve this year!