Unrivalled service to customers in all parts of the world

Established in 1990, Wagtech Projects (formerly Wagtech International) has built a strong global reputation for providing scientists, engineers and technicians engaged in research, education and industry a complete project managed service worldwide, supplying state of the art equipment with installation, commissioning, product training and after sales service and support.

Operating from it’s UK head-office, Wagtech Projects is able to provide unrivalled service to customers in all parts of the world. In addition, research and development and new ideas, looking for affordable environmental technologies, ensure we provide lower costs and innovative project solutions.

Formerly, Wagtech International manufactured a wide range of portable water testing equipment for testing potable water, groundwater through soil analysis, industrial effluent and wastewater. Wagtech International became market leaders when they introduced the Arsenator, for digital field based arsenic testing measuring down to ppb levels.

Conforming to accuracy standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Wagtech International enjoyed over 20 years of success within the aid sector, as suppliers to many UN organisations and major NGOs.

Now working with other industry-leading manufacturers, we have since sold the water testing division of the business to Palintest Ltd. Wagtech International have become Wagtech Projects, and the company remains a worldwide distributor and supplier for customers seeking to perform in-situ analysis of microbiological and physico-chemical water quality tests, including waste and groundwater.