UV-Visible Spectrophotometers

A Variable or Fixed Bandwidth Spectrophotometer which offers very high performance with fixed optical bandwidth of less than 2nm pharmacopoeia compliant, or variable optical bandwidth of 0.5, 1, 2 and 4nm for high resolution applications.

The spectrophotometer’s performance and powerful software are only normally available with much more expensive instruments.

Double Beam Optical System 

Provides the highest accuracy of measurement coupled with very high stability with time. Both sample and reference beams are provided with the same space facilities, thus catering for the widest possible range of experimental requirements and not limited to just a simple cell in the reference beam.

Scans Viewed by Scrolling

By scrolling information across the display screen, the effective width of the screen is a massive 430mm. Long scans, plots and other data may be viewed in much more detail, than with other instruments.

Powerful Integral Control

Rapid operation with ease of use is provided by the powerful software built into the computing system of the instruments. The standard software is remarkably comprehensive but may be expanded, at any time, with additional software modules when required.

Integral Memory

Scan plots and curves may all be stored, for future use. Integral memory is provided for up to 100 scans, protected by the operator’s personal security codes.

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