Seed and Grain Dryer

A laboratory based seed and grain dryer that is designed to combine flexibility, efficiency and ease of testing application. It is used to dry laboratory samples of grain and seed since this is required to estimate hulling and recovery of different kinds of grain. The drying time will vary according to the variety and type of grain to be tested, as well as its initial contained humidity. The power supply is 220V 50/60Hz as standard, although 110V is also available.

Choosing the right size of the sample tray will depend on many variables. A selection of sizes is available; 50mm tall, 150mm tall or 200mm tall, with volumes of 14090mm3 (86 Cu.In), 28670mm3(175 Cu.In), and 57680mm3 (352 Cu.In) respectively. Sample trays are sold separately. Four samples can be dried at the same time.

•  The ideal device to reduce the humidity of the sample to optimise test level

•  Energy efficient two-speed centrifugal fan

•  Capacitor and auto thermal protection

•  Digital control box with high temperature limit protection, real time temperature and targeted temperature

Product Code: AG62-900 / AG62-902 / AG62-904 / AG62-906 / AG62-908