Programmable Moisture Analyser

A market-leading instrument for the measurement of moisture content within agricultural commodities. This analyser simultaneously senses capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample being tested, providing a corrected moisture (%) reading in a few seconds on the liquid crystal display.
The technology allows the use of whole grains with no need to grind the sample. Cereals, oil seeds, pulses etc, can be loaded directly into the measurement cell without any sample preparation.

The average moisture content of a series of up to 254 samples can be measured in one second. Readouts of temperature and Hectolitre (bushel) weight can be displayed and the RS232 printer output allows information to be fed to a computer for hard copy record and/or printing.

Up to 7 calibration programmes can be held in the memory and these can be individually adjusted in order to optimise the accuracy. Please specify the type of crop you wish to analyse when ordering.

  • Accurate – standard deviation of 0.03
  • Fast – 6 second analysis
  • Easy – no need to grind the sample
  • Robust and portable – strong, thick polyurethane construction weighs under 2kg
Product Code: AG62-100 / AG62-102