Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor

This monitor is capable of measuring up to 11 parameters in the field simply by submerging the probe into a water course and using the control unit to run the test and view results. Innovative sensor technologies combine with a durable and ergonomic design making this instrument simple to use, rugged, and easy to maintain in the field. An integrated GPS system allows users to identify exactly where results were taken and record other location information, providing more informative analyses. The instrument can be used to measure both surface and ground water in a variety of settings such as rivers, lakes, industrial systems, wells and bore-holes.


  • Easy to read LCD screen – clear display even in bright sunlight conditions
  • Integral GPS receiver for position tagging of readings – adds context to your results to facilitate environmental surveys
  • Built-in data logger – store 1900 results on the meter and then download these to a computer via USB
  • Simple to use, multi-lingual menu system – control all setup, calibration and test procedures
  • Shock resistant and waterproof casing
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